Pin of the Week: Sweet Potato Tacos

One of my boards on Pinterest is labeled Inner Foodie for all the yummy meals I pin on Pinterest planning to make them one day. Keeping it real I've made about 2% of what I've pinned so far, lol. So high five to myself, because last night I made something I pinned. I texted Hasani yesterday while I was at work, seeing if he had any dinner ideas, he had none (which is annoying) So I got thinking whats in the kitchen that we already have, when it dawned on me I had two huge sweet potatoes. I bought them for homemade fries but have yet to get around to making some. Then I realized I love potato tacos (omg so good!) why not make sweet potato tacos ? I wanted to see if it had been done, before I tired my experiment, I 'Googled' some recipes and found some, then hoped on Pinterest and found more, sold!  

So for dinner last night I made Turkey Sweet Potato Tacos with crumbled feta and homemade guacamole and tomatillo salsa. The tacos were heavenly and the delicious feta gave it some bite. I lucked out and have just enough left over from lunch today! :) I'm a happy camper. 

Pin of the Week: Sweet Potato Tacos

Here's the link to the first recipe above click here The one above is for Sweet Potato Black beans with Guacamole. For the ones I made, I skipped the black beans (didn't have any on hand) and used turkey cooked in tomatillo salsa to give it extra kick. 

Here's the recipe for the one above click here That recipe gave me the idea to add the Feta (yummy) Oh and I used flour tortillas, I just prefer those to corn. 

If your on Instragram then might have seen my dinner last night :) I love instragram its so much fun! Search from MrsCLH and your find me on Instragram. 

Have you ever had Sweet Potato Tacos? Whats your success rate of pinning yummy meals and making them?