Ikea Step Stool Makeover

In our new kitchen we’ll have lots of cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling. In the past I used the not so safe smart method of standing my kitchen counters and to reach items all the way at the top. Yup, not very smart, lol. So I did some thinking and thought its time I get a simple step stool for my kitchen, plus I think it will be great for Avery. Pretty soon he’ll be at the ‘little helper’ stage where spending time in the kitchen with mom will be lots of fun. I'm looking forward to those days, when he wants to taste and help my mix cookie batter or cake batter. I still have fond memories of waiting until my mom was done with cake batter, so I could lick the beaters. 
I looked online and found a great affordable unfinished step stool at IKEA. Perfect for me, because I planned on painting whatever step stool I bought anyways. 

If I had bought an older step stool, before I did any sanding I would have used the 3M Lead Check to be on the safe side. It was hard to choose the perfect shade to paint my stool, but with the help of a recent fabric sample from Tonic Living, I decided to go with a shade of teal green called Spa Green from Valspar. 

I gathered my 3M Advanced Abrasives sanding tools for this project.  It’s important to use the right sanding tools to get a nice smooth finish and the professional after look. Even though my wood is unfinished, it’s a must to sand it down first before priming to get the get after. After sanding I wiped down my stool and began primer it. FYI: I prefer Zinsser primer over other brands. I allowed my primer to dry for 2-3 hours before applying my first coat of paint, and before apply that first coat I light sanded using the 3M Sand Blaster 220 Grit paper (perfect for between coats)

I applied me first coat using a mini sponge paint roller then going over the step stool with a 1 inch angled paint brush. I allowed my step stool to dry for 24 hours, then once again used the 3M Sand Blaster 220 Grit paper giving lightly sanding the entire step stool. Next I applied my last coat of paint and love the results! I waited another 24 hours to let me stool dry completely.
As you know I love a glossy finish on my painted furniture, so I had Hasani spray painted a clear glossy clear coat on my step stool giving it a nice finish. Before heading out side to spray paint Hasani put on 3M safety glasses and wore the 3M respirator, which made it easy to breathe while adding the final coat of gloss of the step stool.

Here’s my finished step stool! I’m in love with it and think it will be a fun pop of color in our new kitchen. Below is a more true color in natural light 

Once under the florescent apartment lights in the kitchen the color turns more turquoise. Which I still love, in our new kitchen we'll have recessed lighting, so the colors should 'read more' true. Just thinking about putting this beauty in my new kitchen is getting me misty eyed, we still have a few months to go (early next year) before were back home. 

Remember DIY is all about using the right tools to get that professional after. I’m so happy taking the time to sand my step stool between coats of paint and before priming gave me a professional after I wanted.