This Week & Last

Whew! it's been a busy two weeks around our casa, and I have so much to share! After I'm write this post up, I'll be working on several posts for next week and beyond, ya know things that are currently happening around here and I didn't have time to blog about. Back in April I decided I wanted to start sharing a quick week recap of the weeks events, so I don't forget the small special (and not so special) moments that happened during our week. Well this week I'm sharing two weeks full of what's been going on around our Casa including sneak peeks at projects that we are working on and life. 

The whole family pitched in doing yard work, Avery supervised. I love putting this small gently used travel play pen in our yard while I'm doing yard work, it makes yard work more fun and Avery loves watching. When he's two, I'll have to my buy a kiddie tool set :)

Tabari is officially a middle schooler, deep sighs and holding in my tears my munchkin is growing up into this handsome creative independent caring responsible (very) young man. He makes me so proud.

Adding string to the banners for Avery's first birthday, too many emotions for this momma so many milestones this week. His birthday party is on Saturday! I will share all the deets next week. Love that Hasani can multi-task while helping, lol

Time to say good buy to this oh-so-not-us fabric on our vintage outdoor sofa (well sofa we are transforming into an outdoor one!)

Saying good bye also happened this week. My BFF moved across the pond permanently to England to start her new married life with her husband! So lots of tears, the past few weeks { happy, sad & nostalgic }  Once she gets settled in, she promises to give is a virtually house tour of her new home, its an amazing cottage in the English countryside. I'm visiting her there next year!

I just discovered the show Felicity on Netflix Instant. Loved Season 1, I'm trying my best to get though Season 2, maybe her haircut is distracting me? lol Crazy when the show was on the air, I never watched. I love discovered new to me TV :) Thanks Netflix! And nope, I wasn't paid to say that, although if they are asking, I would so want to have that conversation with them! lol 

I've made yummy vanilla whipped cream frosting, love the pretty peaks my mixer makes.

Labels, I've made lots of pretty cute labels for Avery's birthday party. Here's how the drink labels looked. I made them using Publisher. Again, I'll share all the deets next week :) 

So that's what's been happening around our house, lots of me getting emotional because my boys are getting bigger. Lots of yard work, birthday projects, sewing and more. 

How was your week? Did you watch the show Felicity? Any old shows, I should check out?