Pin of the Week

Hi everyone, I hope your all excited its the Friday! I know I am. My Pin of the Week is about cupcakes! Seems fitting right, since Avery's first birthday party is Saturday afternoon and I'm baking over 48 cupcakes! We are praying for mild weather in the high 70's very low 80's that would be nice right, since its 95 degrees today, a girl can dream right :) It's supposed to be 89 and we'll take that of 95 any day :) 

Just a quick reminder, I'm officially back posting two times on Fridays. My first post of the day is all about what's been going on around our house that way, I don't forget all the little details that happened.  If you missed this mornings post, you can check it out here, chalked full of two weeks of what's be going on around our house + sneak peaks on projects that haven't been blogged about (yet)

Pin of the Week: Cupcakes! 

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