Vintage Sofa for the Outdoors

I think this post should come with a warning, you might think I'm a tad crazy after you read this post, regardless I'm going to need your moral support, lol. Heck, I think I went a little bonkers when I got bold and said 'We can do it!' But, first we must backup a bit, before I share with you all me crazy idea. I've always loved the look of pretty sofas outside on patios next to pool. To me the look is elegant, restful and just plain amazing! For what feels like forever I've been on the lookout for a reasonable priced outdoor sofa or sofa sectional, well I couldn't find one. In my research the style of outdoor sofa we like sells the sofa in sections and those are $299 and up. So for a three cushion outdoor sofa, were talking almost $900, um NO. So what's a girl to do? Well keep hope alive and be on the look out for deals :) 

Last Monday night, Hasani and I popped into our local Salvation army, just to look around. I glanced at the furniture section and saw a cool vintage sofa. But didn't think much of it, we don't need a sofa. Then I took a second look at the sofa, the side side arms where a pretty wood lattice style, it had cool feet. The sofa was large and all the cushions where in perfect condition. The sofa looked like it could easily be used in a sun room or outdoors. Then it hit me, this is the perfect sofa for MY outdoor patio. Even, though the current fabric is heavy ugly dated upholstery fabric, I could see its potential! I called Hasani over, showed him the piece, we sat down on the sofa and he too could see the potential! But, because there's always a 'BUT' right :) The price was $ 129.99, more than I wanted to spend, knowing I had to buy a ton of outdoor fabric to reupholster the piece.  

So the next day ( April 3rd ) after we celebrated my birthday having a family dinner, I wanted to drive by the Salvation Army and just see if they were having a sale. Hasani laughed at me and said, 'Only you would want to go to the Thrift Store on your Birthday.' Well, I was my birthday after-all, so I pick what we do :) We drove by the store and they were having a 30% off sale on everything. Within a few mins, we became the the new owners of an ugly dated vintage sofa in perfect condition. I paid $ 90.00 bucks for the Sofa (no tax) Happy Birthday to me! :) lol Here's my new to me sofa, yup its ugly! 

Here's the plan. First we love the look of the wood lattice sofa sides and plan on spraying painting all the wood a crisp clean glossy white white. In the past Hasani and I reupholstered a vintage chair (back before we blogged) The process was fun and it we learned a lot. The plan is to re-upholster the the sofa frame with outdoor fabric. The sofa has six cushions all with piping. I plan sewing new cushions with outdoor fabric with piping. At first I wanted to do contrasting white piping, but just in-case the piping doesn't line up perfectly it will get on my nerves and white piping will get dirty much faster. 

Right now, I'm terrified of sewing six perfect sofa cushions with piping and zippers. Super terrified of doing all that sewing! So, I'm going to look for someone to possibly sew the cushions for my, so Hasani and I can focus on the body of the sofa which actually should be pretty easy, considering we only have to do the front of the sofa bottom and and then the back panel of the sofa. 

We plan on doing a sold outdoor fabric, I like the idea of going neutral. So most likely the fabric we'll buy will be a tan color. I found some really affordable outdoor fabric online at Warehouse Fabric, for $ 6.98 per yard! Since I need a ton between 8-10 yards, getting the best price on outdoor fabric is a MUST. i really like this fabric called, Padre Toast. Neutral yes, but still pleasing to the eye. It looks like a nice beige grey tone. 

Once the fabric for the sofa farm and cushions has been selected, I'll also order fabric to make a few pillows for the sofa and also for our outdoor dining bench. I'm still loving this fabric, I found last year online. Luck for me they still sell it!

These indoor looking sofas for the outdoors are my inspiration! 

{via Pinterest}

{via here}

We have a lot of work to get done! I'm giving myself a month and half to get this project done! We want to start enjoying our new sofa by the begining of June! Wish us luck!! :) 

What do you think of our new sofa? Love it, Hate it? Can you see my vision ??