This Week

As a reminder some Fridays I'll share a quick week recap of the weeks events, so I don't forget the small special (and not so special) moments that happened during our week. I'm loving all the April showers we've been getting this week, and I'm not a rainy day kind of person. Why am I loving all the rain? Well, we recently re-seeded our lawn so all the rain is perfect for our new grass (I'll share all the deets Monday) This is the pretty view I've been seeing every night as I walk to my train. I love how everything is getting so GREEN and love seeing flowers blooming and tress getting fresh GREEN buds. 

On Monday evening we made quick to a local Feed Store, it was fun to look at all the animals the stores sells. They had baby chicks, ducks and rabbits. Avery really liked the baby rabbits. Fact, when I was teenage I had a rabbit name Bullwinkle, he was a Lop Eared rabbit. I loved him so much, and actually got him potty trained (in a cat liter box)

Another Fact from my childhood, I grew up in the country and when I was really little like 4-5 we had chickens :) 

We left the Feed Store with a bale of weed free hay.

How was your week? Did you have a lot of April Showers? Any guesses what we did with a bale of weed free hay? Any fun animal facts from your childhood you want to share :) ?