This Little Piggy

Ever since I saw the Martha Stewart Pig cutting board, I wanted one bad. I loved how the little piggy looked, sadly I never got around to buying one and now they are discontinued at Macy's. I'm sure the $ 24.99 price tag gave me second thoughts of buying one, since I'm a thrifty girl :) Isn't he a cutie!

Williams Sonoma also sells a Pig Cutting Board, their piggy is little is on the hefty side. They sell the cutting board for $ 34.95. The shape reminds me of Wilbur from Charlotte's Web. 

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Well, on Saturday morning my mom and I went shopping and stopped in Ross. I love looking at their dishes and cookware, because you never know what you'll find. Imagine my surprise when I saw a cute pig cutting board for a whopping $ 5.99!! The price sounded good to me and this little piggy came home with me :) my new cutting board which I'll use as a crackers and cheese board is made from Bamboo. I love how it looks, it looks almost exactly like the Martha Stewart Version. 

If you wanting to add a Pig Cutting Board to your home, make sure you stop in your local Ross store. Or look on Esty click here for one that sales for $90 bucks! 

This is my favorite picture for a cutting board, laying in grass Ahh! 

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I can't wait to use mine very soon! I'll be sure to snap a picture with mine all dressed up! I love getting good deals. 

What do you think of my new cutting board? Or do you prefer square cutting boards? Any thrift finds lately, on things you've wanted for a long time?