Fabric Shopping

Yesterday evening, I decided to go fabric shopping for outdoor fabric shopping. I wanted to look local before I pulled the trigger and ordered 13 yards of outdoor fabric I found online (for our vintage sofa we are going to sue outdoors). My fabric sample arrived last Friday, I'm in LOVE with it! Hasani and I both like the color and think it will look amazing once turned into a sofa. I just wanted to be sure before I place my order there wasn't a better deal to be found. I recently discovered the best place to shop for fabric locally is Home Fabrics. They have amazing deals on fabrics, remember my floral drapes I made for my dining room? And remember I only paid $5.99 a yard and purchased 5.5 yards of fabric { I later discovered the same fabric sold elsewhere is 24 bucks and up! You can read more about that here}

Back to my shopping trip, I was on the look out for fabric that would make excellent outdoor pillows and possibly a cute table runner for our outdoor dining set. We have a pretty good size patio, so I really want to layer in many shades of color to make the space feel inviting and us. 
I came home with three yards of fabric. I've always loved the classic look of Pottery Barn's classic stripe fabric. The thought of spending $29 bucks for one outdoor pillow, is something that I could never do! 

Instead I bought a yard of striped green fabric for only $ 9.99 a yard. I can easily make two pillows with a yard of fabric. The fabric I bought it from Premier Prints, you can buy it online at fabric.com for a dollar less a yard. I was OK with spending a buck more, since the fabric came home with me that day. I didn't see any other fabric I just had to have for pillows, so I popped into the clearance section. 

They had a huge selection of clearance fabric crammed into a room all starting at $4 bucks and below. I was going to take a picture, but the space was very badly lit! I was able to unearth some pretty fabric with an interesting print. I knew instantly it would make the perfect table runner since it a color scheme of browns, blues and greens. I only paid $ 3.99 per yard! The fabric is also from Premier Prints and is called Elizabeth you can buy it here online for $ 11.99 a yard. The fabric is super heavy duty, I'm shocked its not outdoor fabric. I really like the colors and the print!

Now that I shared what I bought, its time to share all the other pretty fabric I saw. I loved all this pretty floral fabrics! 

I love all the pink fabric! Do you recognize the pretty modern pink on pink floral print? If memory serves me correctly, its Thomas Paul / Duralee Fabric. Its pretty pricey and was a bargain at Home Fabrics. I think they were selling it for $ 6.99 per yard. 

Lastly, my heart skipped a beat, when I saw Serena & Lily fabric!! I was speechless they had a whole bolt of fabric. The fabric is called Coral Diamond and its so pretty. Guess how much S&L sells this fabric? $ 50 bucks yard! Home Fabrics was selling the fabric for only $ 6.99 a yard, unbelievable! 

Here's a link for the Serena & Lily fabric. Pretty huh! 

I'm still trying to figure a way to incorporate some pink in my home, which three boys at home four if you count Mojo it can be hard to add a little pink, lol :) 

I'm going to head back to the fabric store this weekend and look around some more. I got there late and only had a 20 mins to look around. Maybe I'll discover some more Serena and Lily fabric.....insert evil laugh!