Lamp Love { Target }

I popped into Target Sunday evening and it was perfect, thanks to the Superbowl I had almost every aisle to myself. I spent crazy amount of time checking out all the new decor stuff Target has. I should also add, since my husband was watching the the game, I felt 'un-rushed.' Hasani is at his Target limit if we've been in the store for 45mins and I only have two items the cart. I need to time to think and dwell on stuff! He really should know this about, by now :)  

Did you notice Target's Dwell stuff is on clearance { napkins, table cloths ect. } I hope this means they're just coming at with new stuff, and not ending their relationship with Target. 

My living room is in some serious need of lamps, I have one sad lonesome lamps, it either needs two friends or its getting placed elsewhere in my house not yet sure. So I popped into the the lamp aisle and found three on contenders. You know I love yellow, so I really think this lamp might me a go, its brighter in the picture { taking with my camera phone } than in real life. I like the base and the height. 


I've also been in love with glass lamps. I love that glass lamps don't add extra visual color to a room. I'm not a 100% sold on the oblong shape, buts its a maybe. 


Then I looked up and so two more lamps. The yellow one is the bees knees, although might feel short and squat in my living room? I love the glass lamp the base looks like the perfect size! 

C & D

Here's a quick reminder of how our living room currently looks. It's going to go though a serious change once we start building our bookcases in, more on about that here { so can't wait } As you can see we have pops of yellow throughout our living room { pillows, tray, candlesticks, artwork } 

I'm still trying to decide which lamp(s) to get for our living room! I need help! I think the yellow will look so good, but I also like the idea of glass lamps? 

Ok, what lamp do you think will look better A, B, C or D ? Or should I keep on looking, I should also add I often check out thrift stores, but people only seem to donate one lamp, almost never pairs. If I do happen to find a pair, its not cute and not vintage and no amount of spray paint can make it looks good, lol :)