Be Mine: Sweets & Crafts Projects

I was chatting with my girlfriend Summer about doing some Valentine's projects this since its both our our little baby boys 1st Valentine Day we wanted to make the month/day extra special. Plus I wanted to start a new tradition of making sweets & crafts with my boys. All I had to do was mention the word sweets to Tabari and he was in { such an 11 year old! } 

Back to our conversation, we decided to team up and each work easy to do Valentines sweets & craft projects to share with you all. I didn't want to go on a shopping spree for Valentines stuff, so I hunted though dollar bins, used coupons and looked for sales. I gathered lots of ideas on Pinterest { how how I love thee } you can follow me on Pinterest here. Here's my V-Day loot I'm working with. I found colorful sheets of paper at Micheal's on sale for twenty five cents each + I had a coupon. I also found the metal stencil letters at Micheal's in the dollar section and knew they where a must. 

This time in Targets dollar section, I bought cookie cutters. I really like the X & O's and large heart ones the best. I also bought some sprinkles, such a great deal :) I also bought two sheets of felt, and decorating gel { pink, red and black} I also bought a heart punch for 6 bucks thanks to a Micheal's 40% off coupon { heart punch not pictured } 

Now that you've seen my V-Day sweets & craft loot, here's what I plan on making. For my sweets project, I really want to make pretty cookies to gives as gifts to friends and of course eat some at home :) I've been pinning & Google-ing pretty valentines cookies like crazy. I've never decorated a cookie before, other than slapping on some thick frosting and sprinkles. So this is for sure out my comfort zone. I promise to share the good and bad and the ugly in my cookie making efforts. I'd love to make pretty cookie, like the ones below.

{ via here }

{ via here }

I plan on making pretty heart garland with the paper I bought. I'm not sure what style my garland will look like, but I adore the paper and think the mixture of solid and printed will be so pretty. I love how the garland below is a mix of smaller and larger hearts

{ via here }
{ via here }

I plan on using the felt to create two things. First a pretty heart paperweight. Lastly, I planing on adding some love to Avery's clothes. I'm really inspired by this image from Martha Stewart, cute hearts sewn on a knit hat. I can't reveal my exact plans, just yet. But I'm super excited to share!

Nest Wednesday February 8, I'll share my Valentine sweets and craft projects. If your undecided on DIYing some Valentine goodies, I hope to inspire you to try some simple and fun ones like I am. 

Now jump over to Summer's blog and check out the sweets and crafts projects she's planning doing for Valentines for her family. 

Are you planning on making any V-Day crafts this year?