I'm Reading....

Currently I'm reading three different child developmental books. I love reading baby books, I have a stack I read last year all about pregnancy, baby names etc. you can read more about them here. Here's what I'm reading: 'Baby 411', this was given to me by my BFF who swears its a must have read, so far I like! It's really helped me get though the beginning of Avery teething. Its and easy read, I love all the information. Even though I have an older child who's 11 - I know things change over time, so its good to stay current. 

My mom bought the book 'The Secret Language of Babies' for me recently. I love all the pictures and baby cues 'about what you baby is saying' so far so good. 

Once upon a time, our little guy was amazing sleeper. He slept in his cradle or his crib all by himself the entire night { except for feedings} Now not so much, he's mostly in our bed. We need to break this habit, but I personally I can't do the 'cry-it-out' method, hearing my baby cry for a long period of time would be too upsetting. So when I came across The No Cry Sleep Solution I thought I'd give it a chance. I found the book at The Goodwill. 

Mommy Tip: Shop the thrift stores for Child Developmental books! Usally they The Goodwill has a ton, just skip past the outdated ones and look for the books that are new, with topics that interest you. Trust me you'll never know what you'll find.

Here's a better look at the book

I'm only a few chapters in, trying my best not to skip ahead, lol. This Mamma needs some sleep, and if you ever slept with a little one in your bed then know you get almost zero sleep. When I start applying the sleep techniques in the book, I'll be be back with a review

What are you reading right now? Any baby books like me? Or please feel free to suggest a 'grown-up book' that's a must read!