Bulb Garden

Last week I shared that we Hasani dug up the rose bush because it wasn't us and planned to grow a bulb garden. I bought three bags of bulbs from Home Depot; Dutch Iris, Muscari Blue Blend and Crocus 'Firefly' & 'Romance'. In total 260 bulbs! I also planned on buying some Daffodil bulbs but only super small packs were left, so I skipped them this year For a nice full look  I wanted the triangle as I refer to the spot, to have a little greenery year round so I bought a ornamental bush. I thought about buying more than one, but figured the main show will be the flowers early Spring to Fall. 

I got some bulb planting tips from Martha Stewart, instead of planting the bulbs in the same grouping of flower type. I mixed all the bulbs together. 

Next I gently threw the bulbs in the dirt and planted where the landed. Its supposed to give the flowers a more natural look as they grow in. also planted a few in our front flowers beds. I picked flowers that would bloom from early Spring to late Summer. My tween helped my with planting it look about an hour and a half to plant the 260 bulbs. 

I'm hoping the new bulbs that were planted look pretty and brighten up this once plain corner in our front yard were the rose bush once stood. Since its my first time planting bulbs, I'm super excited to see if the bulbs actually grow. I guess now comes the waiting period, will they grow or not?

Have you planted any bulbs this year? If so what type did you plant?