Spooky Halloween Entryway

This month has just flown by, and Halloween is only a few days away! For Halloween last year we decorated our entry with Spooky Scary bugs this year the black crows took over our entryway. It's so much fun to decorate our entry, it creates a great focal point in out living room { since it opens up right into our living }  For this years Halloween decor we used a mix of paper crows and the stuffed { fake } kind for a creepy look. I also used the Flor rug tiles I purchased last year, if you look close you can see the pattern of the spiderwebs, creepy! Here's our Spooky Halloween entryway.

I might have to paint the inside door jam of our front door, the exposed wood is looking funky! lol

On the inside of the door, I also hung the black feather wreath I made a few years ago. This was a super simple project, here's the how to. Here's a nice full view of our entryway. 

Since we've decorated our entryway two years in a row, I think its becoming our family tradition. We all like taking turns adding to the creepy factor.

Have you decorated for Halloween? If so did you go with a theme? I'd love to hear!