My Next...

As you know I've been doing all lot of sewing projects for the past few months and have gotten better at sewing, practice makes perfect right? I'm a novice self taught sewer, my mom taught me the basics threading the bobbin and sewing a straight line a few years back, since then I've been learning as I go. I bought this book a few years back when I was first leaning to sew Sewing 101 for $ 16 bucks via Amazon. The project pictures are dated, but it really gives you the good basics. It really helped me and me be a good resource for any one beginning to sew. It also added words to my vocabulary: like bobbin, zig zag stitch, blind hem etc. 

I came across this book, The Complete Photo Guide to Sewing recently on Amazon its the same price I as the one I already own and looks to be worth every penny! If your interested in learning to sew, check out either book. And, nope I'm not getting paid to promote these books! It's my opinion that there helpful and may be helpful to you. 

I have a simple sewing machine a Singer Prelude, I bought on sale at Target 4 years ago the day after Thanksgiving ( Black Friday ) its a good sewing machine has the basic stitches with no bells and no whistles. I think I paid around $ 60 bucks for it? Here's my sewing machine below.

It's a good little sewing machine and every now and then we have words when my thread jams due to tension issues. But I like I said its basic and I've been wanting to get a new machine to tackle more and more projects. I want my next sewing machine to be heavy duty. I really like the look of the Singer Heavy Duty sewing machine and love that it can handle heavy materiel and as 23 stitches and it sews faster too!! Pretty stylish for a sewing machine huh! 

I'm pretty sure this will be my next sewing machine, even though some of the reviews are mixed, which is to be expected. I think it will be fun to tackle larger projects on and be really helpful when sewing outdoor stuff like cushions for our patio. Now that I've shared whats on my Next List its your turn! :)

What's on your Next List? New sewing machine? New Phone? a New Laptop???