Project Nursery: Dresser is Done

The dresser saga in Avery's nursery has finally come to a close, with the second dresser we purchased is done! The first dresser turned out to be far to much work { we are on a time crunch people! lol } too much damaged veneer.. Then I come across an amazing vintage dresser for $ 100 bucks, but only paid $ 50 bucks thanks to a 50% off sale at our local Salvation Army. I'm really glad I came across this dresser, it turned out to be a great buy. It's a super solid piece all wood construction on the inside with dove tail drawers.

* Thrift Store Furniture Shopping Tip: Confirm all drawers open smooth and close perfect. Nothing sucks more than a stuck drawer.

I painted the dresser Delicate White Satin { this finish complemented the crib better } by Olympic Paint and used the same painting steps I did on our dresser here. I replaced all the old hardware with shiny polished Nicol. I LOVE how polsihed crom shines against a white dresser. I found the pulls at the Hardware Hut online for $ 4.19 each. I bought the knobs at our local HD Home Supply, I liked the mix of chrome and white { faux } porcelain.

After the dresser was completed and before all the drawers were put away, Mr. CLH hung two deep ledges above the dresser. I built ledges very similar to the ones on our entryway except made these ones much deeper. I wanted them nice and deep to hold a wide range of Avery's baby stuff, from books to piggy banks etc. Mr. CLH drilled the ledges into the studs, to ensure an extra strong hold.

Here's the dresser after!

I lined the inside of his drawers with srcap booking paper in colorful funky prints.

I'm a happy camper, not much left to do :) Just put away Avery's baby gear in his dresser. This dresser as so much storage its insane. I also need to fill up the shelves. So the next time you see the nursery it will be done :)

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