Sew Many Pillows

Last Friday night and early Saturday morning was all about sewing pillows to re-freshen our living room. I've sewn 7 pillows in last couple of weeks. Yep, 7 pillows. It's been pillows madness around here. In the past I've said pillows can add a ton of impact, well I need to say it again! Changing out pillows is a must. Every since we refinished our hardwood floors in our home, I've wanted to freshen up our living room. This deep indigo Robert Allen Ikat print was the starting off point to begin the change. I made these two pillows a few weeks back and adore how they look in our living room.

Here's a reminder of how our living room looked a few months ago. Our living room had a blue accent wall, on our sofa were pillows I bought from Target, we had the pillows for over two years so it was time for a change. On the our armless chairs were two lumber pillows, I got the fabric from Calico Corners and made pillows covers. Along with two white pillows, also sewn by me.

While out at Joann's buying invisible zippers for the Ikat pillows I came across Vibrant Vines Waverly fabric, which Mr. CLH and I both liked. Which can be rare, he's not into flowers. He prefers geometric and Ikat prints. So finding a fabric we BOTH liked without compromising makes me smile. I ordered the fabric, and waited patiently 14 + days, which is not cool, Joann's needs to work on the shipping process . I ordered the fabric on a Tuesday and it wasn't shipped until the following Wednesday, again not cool. I'm in love with this print and love how it looks turned into pillows.

For our armless chairs, I still love the lumbar pillows I made, but decided to up-cycle them into 18x18 pillows with turquoise piping. Using leftover fabric I had of the key west print. I retired the lumbar key west pillows. The goldenrod yellow and the turquoise look amazing together.  Well I have one pillow done, and am working on the other one. Like I said on Tuesday 'Piping Ain't Easy' :)

Both the Yellow Key west pillows, Ikat and  Vibrant Vines all have invisible zippers. I'm getting better at sewing with an invisible zipper, the key is pining the fabric to the zipper as close as possible. While shopping at a Joann's further form my house, I came across an invisible zipper foot. Sadly the foot doesn't work with my Singer sewing machine.

This is how our living is looking as of Sunday morning. The blue wall has been painted over and we moved our living room furniture around. We have a bare wall badly in need of artwork above our chairs. I love the smaller Ikat lumbar pillows I made, the actually have better back support then the Keywest pillows had. I really like the additional colors in the new pillows add in our living room.

Next on my living room agenda, Artwork (we are in serious need), More lamps, maybe a dresser? I'm loving the new color the pillows additions and pillow re-dos in our living room. These small changes already are making a huge impact.

What do you think?