A Household Must

Recently we installed a Carbon Monoxide Detector in our home, and just got around to blogging about it now. I think Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors are a MUST in every home. In our small rancher we have five smoke detectors { 4 inside and 1 in our garage } Yet we didn't have a Carbon Monoxide Detector until recently, because it was on our 'To Do List'

It was put on our done list asap, when California passed a law requiring Carbon Monoxide Detectors in home and rentals. We bought a First Alert Carbon Monoxide Detector from Lowes for $ 17.99 and included batteries and is good for seven years.

We installed the Detector in our hallway next to our Thermostat. It took Mr. CLH less then three minutes to install it, and I like how easy the batteries are to locate and replace.

If you haven't installed a detector remember this is a household MUST { they even sale plug-in detectors } because they call Carbon Monoxide the silent killers, meaning many people die in their sleep from the poisoning or don't recognize the symptoms of being poisoned before its to late. You can read more about Carbon Monoxide here

Do you have a Carbon Monoxide Alarm in your home?