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I was recently asked to write a book review on one of my favorite topics home decor! The book is called '101 Things I Hate About Your House' the book is written by Interior Designer James Swan. He has been in the business over 20 years and a is a featured design partner with Ballard Designs.

My Review

I've had a blast reading this book, that's focused on helping the everyday homeowner (regardless or house size) to see their house with a critical eye or view how guests perceive their homes, which is very helpful. The book covers your entire home from the entry way to guestrooms. I love how James Swan breaks down the 'no nos' we all do in our homes in a humorous way.

Some decorating sins we've all been guilty of or currently guilty of:
# 51 Artless Walls
# 61 Bare Naked Windows { I'm currently guilty of this in our master bedroom! }
# 95 Piles of Shoes

The book is also filled with pretty illustrations, however I preferred the 'real' pictures over them. This is for sure a book you'll wanna read, its available on here

I love this quote from James Swan in the introduction:

The plan is simple; laugh a bit, learn a bit, most important, come to love your home as you've never loved it before. Now That's beautiful

I love that, its everyone goal to have a home that's both functional, beautiful and inviting every time we walk in our front door.

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Bonus Question: Which Design Sin Have You Committed?