Blurry Days

My apologies for dissapearing last week! The past two weekends and last week were so blurry. We had so many projects on our plates & I had very limited internet access in the evenings, hence no time to blog! Here's few pictures of what our life been like the past few days. I've been doing a lot of sitting out the front porch, glad our trees is finally starting to turn green again & looking at the dead plants in hanging planters. Hopefully I can find the same succulent plants I originally planted, I love how they overhang on the planters. 

The ledges I built for our entryway to hold our Wedding Pictures, now holds misc. items. Nothing says classy like misc. crap greeting you at the front door { painters tape, floor cleaner, water bottles and Styrofoam cups! } Just to name a few :)

Finally one my favorite pictures taken over the last two weekends. This picture makes me love my husband even more!! And also realize when heavy objects touch the baseboards, its time to re-paint! Cheers to paint touch ups! 

Any ideas what we've been up to in our little Casa?