Mapping Out the Wine Country

For our Anniversary in September we spent the weekend in California's wine country { Napa & Sonoma } we had a blast tasting wine and soaking up the local scene. While we were there, we saw a Wine Map of California. The wine map details all the wine regions in throughout California in a modern colorful way. Being wine lovers we decided to buy a Wine Map for our home. Mr CLH & I love having artwork in our home that's meaningfull to us. I bought the California Wine Map off of { love getting free shipping when you spend $25 bucks! :) }

Instead on spending lots of money for a custom frame, I bought a large poster size frame from Ikea that included a matte. The matte color was dark beige, so I spray painted the matte white. I used my coffee table was a workstation.

As you can see from the picture below, the poster frame I bought from Ikea is huge! Compared to our coffee table :)

I place the poster on top of the matte and used double sided tape to keep the poster in place. My sliver candle holders doubled as extra hands while working on this project.

I placed the map on the wall, where on our large mirror used to hang before being moved into our dining room. Here's how this spot looked a few months back.

Here's how the same spot looks now in our home. I'm loving the California Wine Map looks in our living room. It's such a pretty addition! I love looking at the map at looking at other wine regions we have yet to visit in California, and thinking about future trips.

What type of Artwork do you love to have in your home? How do you save money on framing costs? 

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