Purdy Lil Paint Job

While out shopping with my mom one weekend, we stopped at a yard sale looking for deals. I lucked out and found a cute French bistro chair with a cane seat. Surprisingly the chair was solid and I thought it would make a good addition or living room. Just an extra chair for seating when we have a friends over. I was drawn in by the chairs lines the curve of the back of the chair and its pettiness. Perfect to tuck into a corner when not in use. The chair reminds me of the Vienna Side Chair. Sadly this is the best before picture I have on the chair.

I thought white white would be the perfect play it safe color for the chair, but secretly wanted to paint the chair a bold yellow { like the tray I updated for our living room }.  I was all set to paint the chair white, but after I mentioned my true color choice to Mr. CLH he thought yellow would the the perfect color too. I got him thinking like me. 

Now for Purdy part of my chair redo. I was contacted by the wonderful reps at Purdy Paintbrushes asking me to review one of their paintbrushes. I've been wanting to try at their paintbrushes for quite sometime! I've been planning upgrading my paint bushes when I began painting my kitchen. As you know a good paintbrush is a must when painting a piece of furniture to get a professional finish. Nothing worse than picking out 'brush hairs' from a piece your working on and getting obvious paint brush strokes. 

Here's my paintbrush package I received in the mail; Purdy Prep & Paint. The paint brush is a 2.5 inches and the Painters tool is perfect for scraping paint, spreading putty, open and clean cracks and opening paint cans.

This is one nice paint brush!

Because I decided to paint this chair such vibrant color, I used tinted primer. Lucky for my budget I had leftover tinted primer from painting our front door. After lightly sanding the chair and applying the primer with a sponge brush { for detailed painting & prep steps please click here } I began the painting process.

Purdy Paint Brush Review:

I'm not being paint for my review, just asked to review the product - that's it. I loved using this paintbrush! It's a good size and nice weight. All the paint stokes went on nice and smooth. Nada brush strokes. I applied two coats of paint and each coat went perfectly. I bought cheaper paint brushes in the past where I've picked out brush hairs from from wet paint. I'm happy to report, my hands stayed clean no paint brush hairs left in wet paint.

When I clean up my paint brushes I use soap and water and let the brush air dry, I also take forever for the brush to get clean. Cleaning this brush was a breeze, the brush looks brand new still after painting with yellow paint. I'm so excited to use this paint brush on future projects { kitchen cabinets here I come!! }
Here's where our new chair residing in our living room and a glimpse of our living room looks now. Did you notice this corner of our living room looks a little different?

Well we made some recent changes to our living room, on Wednesday I'll share more.