Fabric Swatch Throw Down

Whew Monday's post about our diy Holman ledges was long, so I'm keeping this nice & sweet. Are you ready for a Fabric Swatch Throw Down! Remember my search for the perfect shade of grey fabric for our headboard for our bedroom? I'm pretty sure I have found the two finalists in my search. I love the weave on both fabrics. The color on the left is called Diversitex Claridge Basketweave Color Elephant. The darker fabric swatch is Diversitex Claridge Basketwaeve Color Charcoal.  As you can tell there's a huge color difference between the two shades of gray.  

Here's how both fabric swatches look against of bedrooms gray walls. 

The blue in the background represents pillows that will be on our bed and the { white & grey fabric }Waverly Cross Section Grey will be made into Euro pillow covers. 

This is how the fabric swatches look with our coverlet, that will be at the bottom of the bed. 

If we end up using the lighter fabric Elephant, I will use black nail heads. If we use the darker fabric Charcoal, I will use pewter nail heads. So either the way the nail heads will pop a little off the fabric. 

Now that you've seen both fabric swatches, which fabric do you like better for a headboard & why?