Sons Tween Room: Tools, Not Just for Tool Boxes

I love the fresh modern style style of CB2. They have so many great items in there store that up the  'fun factor' in a space. I so glad they have a store about an house away for our house, we even popped in there a couple of months ago, and got plenty inspiration. A couple of days ago I was looking though their latest catalog they sent me and spotted a cute idea for a bookend. It's a large black carpenter's clamp.

I love how the carpenters clamp adds visual interest to a bookcase, shelf or desk top. I thought it would be cute to addition to my sons room. It's just so cool! While I love the large size of the CB2 carpenter's clamp, I'm not huge fan of the price $ 24.99 for one. Then it dawned on me to just buy one from Lowes! Plus I needed one anyways to finish up a project that Mr. CLH and I have been working on for on sons room

Our local Lowes has a whole aisle devoted to carpenter clamps, all types: metal, wood, and plastic. The metal ones range in size and price from $ 2.98 and up. 

I bought the four inch clamp which was only $ 5.98 which will work great in his room and work perfectly for the project. 

Tabari just got home yesterday and I showed him the progress on his bedroom as well as my idea for the carpenters clamp. 

Conversations With My Kid

Since Tabari's is fully involved in the process of re-doing his bedroom, I'd thought I'd share the conversations he and I have about design elements for his room

Mom: What do you think of the carpenter's clamp, being used as a bookend?
Son: It's cool, but I want a bigger one! 
Mom: Ok, sounds good. We can leave it metal, or paint it any color you like: red, blue green whatever.
Son: Um, I don't want red, I don't want too much red in the room
Mom: Really? Its your favorite color
Son: Yeah, but I'm thinking blue. Love you mom.
Mom: Love you too!

So the measly little four inch one I bought is too small for his tastes, lol. I'll be heading back to Lowe's soon and exchanging the carpenters clamp for a larger one. I'll also be picking up some spray paint, but will be paint the clamp light blue, or dark blue?

What are your thoughts about adding a little industrial edge into your home?

ps: Here's a recap of completed projects on our son's bedroom: painted the walls