Extra Large Mirror for Our Dining Room?

I've been thinking about moving our large mirror that resides in our living and putting in our dining room. Since we have a small dinning room, I think the mirror would make the space look larger and bounce more light around. Here's how our dining room currently looks.  I would place the mirror where our chalk board is and move the chalk board above the buffet.

The mirror thats currently over our buffet would be placed elsewhere in our house. 

The mirror I want to move into our dining room currently resides in our living room. It's a large mirror and super heavy.

Below is an old picture of the mirror, leaning against our living wall before it was hung { right after we first moved into our house}. This gives you a better idea how large the mirror is. I bought a few years ago at Ross for $ 49.99. It was so large, it didn't fit into the trunk of my car. 

Mr. CHL isn't convinced a the extra large mirror will look good in the dinning room. I think it will be perfect for the space, just hoping our light switch and alarm box isn't in the way. I love the two dining rooms below both have extra large mirrors.

{ via Decorpad }

{ via Decorpad }

What do you think of my idea to move our large mirror into the dining room? Will it bounce more light around our house and make the space look larger, or will it look to big and out of place?