Mood Lighting { New Bedroom Light }

As I've said before lighting can enhance the mood of a room. When I was searching for the perfect light fixture of our bedroom, I knew I wanted something that would feel classic romantic and modern. The light also had to work as our tastes changes of the years. I fell in love light that combined a drum shade and chandelier, in a pretty chic and modern way! most importantly, Mr CLH also likes like light. He likes the modern vibe of the drum shade, and like that is paired with a chandelier for a fresh take.

Our chandelier arrived last week, and my husband installed in Sunday night. The light was very easy to install, he followed the directions and in few minutes later, the light was hung. I've been staring at our light ever since. I swear I'm like a kid, turning the light on and off.

Before I show you our new light, I have to share our old light. Simple standard light fixture, its the same light fixture we had in our dining room, that we updated with a drum shade. It's always fun removing old light fixtures, we discovered our now white ceiling used to be peach. I'm guessing the ceiling was peach in the 1980's. I did a quick paint touch up before installing our new light was installed.

Our new light came with an extra long chain, we simply used a cup hook and swagged the lamp backwards towards our bed. It hangs perfectly over our bed and lights up the whole room, in a soft glow. I decided to use 20 watt bulbs instead of a high watt, since there's 6 bulbs. I love simple ceiling medallions, they add extra oomph under light fixtures, we found a simple one at Home Depot.

Here's our new light, lights on. I love the shadows it casts on our ceiling.

Lights off

We found our chandelier on a few months back. I've been waiting to buy it ever since. A few weeks ago, emailed me a $ 25.00 off coupon. A few minutes later I bought our chandy. The shipping was super fast, I ordered in on a Thursday and it arrived on Tuesday!

Here's the budget breakdown

$ 131.99  - Chandelier
       2.95 { shipping }
   - 25.00 coupon

$ 109.94 Total for Chandelier
       7.99  Medallion
       7.89  New light bulbs
       1.50  Large Cup Hook

Total Price $ 127.32

I paid less then the original price of the chandelier with my extras { light bulbs, and Medallion etc} Can't beat that. Up next, my craigslist dresser that's finally done. Yup it only took me 5 months to complete, but I got sidetracked with our dining room re-do, re-painting our living room, outdoor projects: front door and our trellis.

Well what do you think? Does the light fixture just wow you?