Beyond the Basics

Last week I was reading a great post from Jenny from Anything Pretty. She was talking about how she upgraded her dogs bedding, with cute fabric. She did a wonderful job, and got me thinking. Mojo's { our dog } current bedding it's lumpy and let's be honest ugly. I took my inspiration from Jenny and decided to upgrade Mojo's bed. I was going to look for some fun fabric at Ikea next time I stopped in there { Ikea has great modern funky printed fabric }

Over the weekend in Mr CLH and I stopped in West Elm - love that store! I was looking for two things: great stuff for our bedroom and inspiration. I popped in the clearance section, and found a great Euro pillow cover with grey links. I thought cool, it will work in our room and it was only $ $3.97- yup a crazy good deal. Remember spend a few extra minutes in the clearance section of stores, you never know what you'll find.

Only one problem with the Euro sham, they only had one. Then it dawned on me, it would be perfect for Mojo! I used an extra Euro pillow we already had, and viola new doggies bed. As I said his current bed is lumpy and a pain to wash and dry, I'm always afraid it will fall apart.

Isn't his new bed cute? Not only does it match our room, it looks like a stylish element on the floor and does double duty as Mojo's bed.

I still plan on making one more bed for our living room, of course I want a bright yellow and my husband is like no more yellow!