Design with the TV in Mind

Last week I shared with everyone one our updated living room and mentioned in comments that I was contemplating add more art to the TV wall. Well truth be told, I have a three ideas to better blend our TV into our living room. Since we have a small house we only have a living room, so its needs to multifunctional.  Our living room needs to be able to entertain quests socially, and entertain my family.
So when I was deciding on the layout of our living room, I made the focus of the living room conversational by facing the the chairs and sofa towards each other. I didn't want our TV to be the main focus of in the room. Here are my ideas to make our TV blend into the design of our living room { in the future are our TV will be wall mounted a little above our TV stand }

I planned on taking a better picture of our TV wall last night, but you know the saying April showers. As you can see in the photo, its a blank TV wall.

Idea # 1

Art Wall: Blending the TV into the living room using an art wall

I like that using art to surround a TV is really pleasing to the eye. In our living room, I would using a variety of frames in various sizes and styles and an eclectic mix of artwork to complement the art we currently have in our living room.

Idea # 2

Bookshelves: Modern Bookshelves to flank the TV

For our living room I would used two clean lined bookshelves on either side of our TV. I like the idea of using bookshelves for a few reasons. We will be able to use storage baskets in the bottom shelves to store movies and magazines. I would also have books, and small framed art and photos on the shelves. Bookcase options would be West Elms Modern Newkirk Media Tower or the much more affordable Ikea Expedit shelving unit. Since we have a dark entertainment unit ( and other dark wood furnitre in the living room } I would use white bookshelves instead, or maybe paint them a color?

West Elm's Modern Newkirk Media Tower: I like the chunkier lines

Ikea's Expedit  Shelving Unit: Would work perfect

Ideas # 3

Bookshelf & Art: A mix of bookshelves and art to make the TV blend in.

The last option I've been thinking about for our living room is one bookshelf on one side of the TV and then using a bunch of art to fill in the the reaming wall. Last night I also planned on drawing a sketch I could share my third idea, well that didn't happen. So in the photo below picture a bookshelf where the window is. With this option I might have the best of both worlds? I will have art and more storage solutions I mentioned.

How have you designed with the TV in mind? If so what worked best for you? I would love to hear and see pictures or suggestions.