Saturday Morning Thrifty Finds (2)

Don't you love coming across an item when your not looking for anything in particular? On Saturday on the way to do errands, my family and I stopped at a three family yard sale. I was browsing around and not seeing anything that really caught my eye, until I spotted a lamp. Not just any lamp, but the perfect desk lamp for my sons room. It's an old school 'Bankers Lamp' with a glass shade. I picked it up, it was super heavy and nice, just needed cleaning and a new look. The best part of it, I snagged the lamp for $5.00 and it works! Lamps Plus, is selling a similar lamp for $79.99! I so scored a bargain for my sons upcoming bedroom re-do.

 The lamps Temporary home out living room

Now that you've seen the lamp, I have a few ideas to make it more youthful. I'm going to spray paint the base of the lamp a bright color or antique oiled bronze color and I want to spray paint the glass shade a glossy white of frost the glass shade to tone down the green. BUT is possible to paint the glass shade? So if you have painted a glass shade I need help...can this be done?