Paint Chips: Front Door Color Options

To kick of our plans to pretty up our front porch, Sunday morning the family and I stopped in Lowes in search of the perfect red for our front door. We I did all the looking  found four top contenders for our front door color.

Color Contenders { from left to right }  Spanish Tile, La Fonda Geranium Red, Cut Rudy and Posh Red

Like most colors reds tend to change though out the day, so we tapped our choices to the front of the house. We wanted to make sure our color looked good against our gray house and looked good in direct sunlight. Our house colors are Grey, with white trim and black accents (shutters, mail box etc.)

The lineup next to the front door { from left to right, top to bottom } Posh Red, Spanish Tile, Cut Ruby and La Fonda Geranium

From a distance the reds really pop of great against our grey house. It's going to make walking up our sidewalk much more inviting.

The color that keeps standing out to me the most is Posh Red { top left } and the color Spanish Tile { top right } I think those two colors look the best against our grey house and red/orange brick on our front porch. I'm thinking the Spanish Tile might be a little too dark since it lends more towards the cranberry shade. Posh Red is a good mix between cranberry and reds. The paint colors are from Valspar and I love using their paint in our home inside and out! I'm really looking forward to tackling this project and breathing new life into the front of our wood door. A few months back we we did our entryway and painted the inside our front door a glossy white.

Out of the 4 color options above which one do think will look best on our front door?