Please, Come In

I thought about a few different ideas to update our BLAH entryway, I knew I wanted the space to be bright and airy. Since we have an open concept entryway and a short wall on the entryway. A console table or bench wouldn't work, but I still wanted to display photos in a pretty way.
While on a girls shopping trip a few weeks back, I came across these great ledges at Home Goods for $7.00 each. One problem wrong color, but some quick coats for white paint made them perfect. Last weekend I found THE PERFECT rug for the entryway - I like the design and the colors work oh so great.

Mr. CHL making my vision happen, he's even using our new Level

Let's take a look back; this is our entryway last weekend in all it's Glory. Note: The sarcasism.

Here's our updated entryway now

A better view of the entryway rug, the teal blue color matches our livingroom pillows perfectly. See our short little wall?

I like the idea of the vase on our entryway floor, but it's not practical in our house. Maybe when guests are over.

Our entryway now feels so bright and open. I'm so glad I painted the front door a glossy white. The doors old natural wood color sucked all the light out of the room. Our new white door also helps show the contrast in our wall color. We decided to frame a few pictures from our wedding to display on the shelves. I we decided to change our wedding photos black & white for a more cohesive look, but decided to leave the photos of my bouquet in color for a little contrast. I really like how all the frames go together and love the layered look of them.

I'm so happy our entryway changed from blah to chic.....I hope you like our updated entryway as much as we do.