It's Ugly Up There

A couple of weeks ago I painted our dining room to get started on our re do plan; we finally got around to painting our ceiling last weekend. Mr. CHL is in charge of rolling and I'm in charge of the trim work. Our dining room ceiling was an ugly shade of buttery off white, not cute. I'm not a huge fan of painting an entire room (walls & ceilings) one color; we opted to paint our ceiling a crisp white. Our ceiling looked nice and fresh minus the lovely apartment light fixture the previous owners installed. I couldn't wait for Mr. CHL to take down our crummy light fixture, he took it down and we saw this.

It's not the first time we've come across 'interesting choices' the previous owners did to ‘upgrade’ our house. It looked like someone just punched their fist in the ceiling to make room for a light fixture. There are all these nifty little cracks and drywall popping though...nice.
Have you come across in fun finds while starting a new project?