Dining Room Art

I love black and white photography artwork; I think its timeless and suits any wall perfectly. When I started planning our dining room makeover I knew I wanted any artwork in there not to be theme-y. I decided to create our own artwork. I went though all our pictures and see if any them would work when I came across three pictures from a weekend getaway with the husband (wine tour in the Santa Rosa, Ca Area) Here are the pictures.

I don't have any programs like Photoshop so I use a free service from Google called Picasa - its tool great to use for very basic photo edits & storing pictures. It’s the perfect tool for me until I upgrade/learn how to use Photoshop. Instead of just making the photo black and white, which is nice - but a little boring for these photos....I decided to add contrast and play for the lighting. The result three interesting photos, that reminds me of our getaway.

A little crop & black and white contrasting

Next I framed them in these great gallery style frames from Kohls - I own 5 of these frames now! Two frames are in the entryway on ledges and three are in the dining room. Love these frames, great style and value. Here's a better picture of our dining room update so far.