Upon Entry

A few days ago I revealed our living room ReDo. We still have a ways to go be I feel the room is more finished: more artwork, accessories, rug etc. One area of our living room that's really boring me is our entryway. Our home has an 'Open Concept' entryway my fancy way of saying you walk straight into our living room. There's no cute hallway or amazing staircase to look at when you first enter....just our living room and a short wall that leads to our dining room / kitchen. Our entry wall is BLAH there's no artwork hanging, no cute bench to sit on, no cute table to place our keys at...just BLAH. Well I plan to change all that and make it charming and chic. The entryways below inspire me for several reasons:

I like the funky rug on the hardwood floors and the bench that serves many purposes, the tree rack is also fun. This entryway has personality.

This entry is amazing! I like how the space was used, its also very similar to how you enter our home (minus the chandelier, perfect wood floors, lots and lots of light - now I sound depressing). I like how the sofa is positioned looking into the living room. I'm going to have to move our furniture around and see what happens.

This is simple and crisp, again like how you enter our home, you can even see into the living room. I like that there's just simple LARGE artwork on wall.

My girlfriend and I are doing a 'girls shopping' day on Satuarday -so this will be a perfect weekend to look for items to enhace our entryway. What have you done to enhance your entryway or is it still WIP - work in progress....?

{ pictures: Martha Stuwart.com & Country Living }