Quick Change

Sometimes you buy a piece of furniture and it needs a major overhaul: sanding, primer, coats of paint and patience. Other times you buy a new piece of furniture that just needs a small tweak. After months of searching we finally found the right TV stand for our living room. I knew the TV stand had to be a certain size (for a future upgrade flat screen) and style to get our living room closer to our after.

I was so excited when the box arrived and convinced MR. CHL that putting the TV stand together at 9:30 at night would be quick and fun. Nope, not quick and not fun. In a rush to be helpful I put the TV stand together wrong, my loving husband kindly took over and put us back on track. After our TV stand was put together, I instantly knew the cheap plastic handles had to go.

New Sleek Hardware

A better view, I was to lazy too pick the mess for a quick picture