Going Grey the Chic Little Redo

Before we even closed on our home, I knew our house was in need of a paint job. I love the wooden shingles on our home, but some were cracked and had paint peeling off them. Not only has the peeling paint a problem the entire house was painted PEACH!

The hardest paint of painting a house is the paint colors. We knew picking the right colors would transform our little dank home into a chic little house. We painted our house grey and decided on white & black accents. One of the best decisions we made was painting the home ourselves with TONS of help from my father who came from out of town to help.

My dad is a contractor and has a paint sprayer, but it stopped working the same day we planned on painting! I ended up renting a paint sprayer for less the $100.00 for 24hrs. We brought all our paint at Lowes and used the brand Valspar. The weekend we brought our paint, Valspar  was offering special rebates: $20off 5 gallon paints and $5off 1 gallon paints. I mailed off those rebates quick!

Our Painting Process:
  • Pressure washed the house
  • Scrubbed the house with wire brush to remove loose paint
  • Used caulk to fill in cracks
  • Back rolled with rollers
  • Hand painted with brushes (this is an important step since we have shingles)
  • Used Sprayer to paint the entire house
Our Chic Little House Today - Our Little House Four Months Ago

Painting Day

After we went Grey, Mid way to our ReDo

Our home now after the Chic Little Redo and after we layed sod.

Our roses are still blooming, I cut some just the another day for our living room.

A few short months ago our flower bed looked like this

The stone enhanaces the curvy walk way to our front door and gives us curb appeal

{ I will post a recap of how we got to Our Chic After & What we plan on doing NEXT }