Master Bedroom Update: Cushy New Rug

With our closet officially organized and done, check out the blog post here. I really want to give my bedroom some attention, its seriously in need of an identity, style, color, artwork, cozy spot to read. You get the picture. I even created a design plan a few years go, I’m still happy with the design plan and likely will make few tweaks to it.

One of the happiest additions in my bedroom, is our new rug! Luckily it arrived right before my recent trip with Hasani to London & Dublin, so I could roll it out and see how it looked in our bedroom. It looked incredible! The tones in the rug hit all the colors I love greys + shades of blue. And it’s so soft, the rug replaces a dhurie rug we had that I never truly loved but made it work. The dhurie rug from jump wasn’t a fit. As they say out with the old rug and in with the new rug!


I bought the rug Edessa Tribal from Rugs USA during a 40% off sale, I’m in love with the rug and love the affordable price point.

I love how a simple rug update, can put a huge smile on your face and help give your bedroom a fresher feel. While there’s still a lot of updates that need to happen in my bedroom, I’m happy I finally have some pattern and color in here! One of the things I did, after rolling out our new bedroom rug, was getting rid of all the boxes and dust collectors under our bed, its a small change - but makes our bed look so much cleaner with its made, no more junk peaking out from underneath.


Next on my bedroom project list is hemming my drapes in my bedroom. What do you think of my new bedroom rug? What’s a project around your home that’s taken forever to execute?