My Master Bedroom Design Plans

Before, I get started with today's blog post, I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to answer the 1st ever Chic Little House Survey! I love hearing all your feed back about what you love and what you want to see more of on my blog. Now for today's post! 

I've been really wanting design to my master bedroom for the longest time and finally give it some style that feels like my husband & dwell in there. In the past, I've added pretty bedding, updated some sad vintage nightstands I found on CL. However, no artwork was hung and it lacked personality and calmness that I'm so seeking in our bedroom. I plan on using a mixture of items we already have: headboard rug, lamps, dresser etc. and seamlessly incorporating them into my designs plans. Finally after months of gathering ideas, and saving my coins for a few big pieces, I'm ready to share my design plans and get everything executed! 

Here's a list of my plans

  • Layer subtle pattern with new bedding
  • Update Drapery Hardware, with clean modern hardware
  • Sew Euro Pleat Drapes for bedroom window & french doors 
  • Replace White Wood Blinds with Roman Shades 
  • Replace Ceiling Lighting with Semi-flush mount option
  • Hang large scale artwork & Mirror(s)

I'm happy to say, I've already check off a few items from my above list (fabrics & bedding!) Below are some of the textiles and colors I plan on using in my bedroom. I'm getting so excited.

Below is my design plans for my bedroom. I was inspired by my blue crackle lamps to add in several shades of blue in my bedroom. The ikat fabric will be turned into Euro Pleat drapes for my french doors and bedroom window, hung on rings. A few months, back I fall in love with mudcloth fabric and plan on turning the fabric into pillows for my bed. One of the items, I'm most excited about adding into our bedroom is a chair. I love the idea of being about to have a spot to sit on to read, other than just out bed. I love the clean lines of the mid century chair below. I can so picture a pretty mudcloth pillow on it! I'm also really excited about getting some artwork on our bare walls, seriously our walls are a blank slate! I plan on hanging a mixture of abstract and family photos on the walls.  

As I mentioned before, I want our room to feel unfussy and light and think with my design plan, I'll be able to execute everything. Below is a quick reminder of how my bedroom looks (total blank slate, with some good pieces). The pictures of a mixture of old and recent, since not much has changed since we moved in, sad but true. 

In this spot below, I would love to have a chair + a small side table and either a large mirror or artwork. This spot is screaming for some style, this also where our former closet was before we re-built our home. 

Over weekend, I began to tackle some projects in our bedroom. Hasani and I took down our old curtain rod and replaced it with a new one and adding a curtain rod above our french doors. I also began the process of measuring and cutting fabric to transform into drapes. I'll have a progress update our on master bedroom next week along with some how to posts! 

Do you also have a room in your home, like I do that's been neglected or the design process is at a standstill? I'd love to hear more!