Modern Lighting Ideas for the Living Room

Now that my living room is pretty much done completed design-wise, I really want to update the lighting we have in our living room. As I mentioned earlier this week in My Living Room Tour, the light we’ve had has yellowed. The yellow light fixture just kills the whole vibe in my space!

I’m leaning towards something more sculptural, but haven't ruled out a pretty large drum shade because, hello I love them!

While I want something more sculptural, I don’t want harsh lighting. In our living room, we have several light sources, I’m a huge fan of lighting and know that it can totally make or break the look of the room.

We have recessed lighting, which I love using during the early evening hours, then as it gets later, in or living room, we turn on the center light fixture and lamps in our living room. I love evenly lit rooms, I’m not a fan of crazy shadows in my living room. Here’s a reminder or are currently lighting situation in my living room.


These pretty living room paired with modern lighting have me inspired!

image via  Studio McGee

image via Studio McGee

image via  My Domaine

image via My Domaine

image via  kate.lavie

image via kate.lavie

I’ve put together a roundup of pretty modern lights that I’m considering for my living room. I kept in mind that i’m not a huge fan of crazy shadows and figure with a few of the lights below, I always update the bulb to frosted to cut down on the shadows.

Modern Lighting Living Room.png

As you can see, no decisions have been made, I just know its time to update my lighting and I’m undecided! I need your help, which light fixture do you think will look good in my living room?

Keep in mind we have typical eight feet ceilings, so most the lighting would have to be close to the ceiling and be dimable! Which reminds, me we have all our overhead lighting on dimmers, if you don’t I would seriously consider updating your switches and adding dimmers!