Girls Shopping Day at the Palladio

One of my favorite places to shop locally is the Palladio in Folsom; I love the great mix of shopping + dining and entertainment. I was recently selected to be the Blogger of the Month at Palladio and with my friend Lauren in town visiting from Atlanta, Georgia it made perfect sense to spend our afternoon eating some good food, doing some shopping. 


Our first stop of the day, hitting up Pinkberry for some frozen yogurt and fruit.


Next, we stopped at MAC Cosmetics and tried on some new lip colors for Summer. We both were looking for the new perfect pink nude color. It’s so funny how friends easily gravitate to the same color, we both loved the Mocha. It’s the perfect natural lip color that compliments out skin tones.

One of the boutiques I’ve wanting to visit is Apricot Lane; I finally got the chance when Lauren was in town and loved it! The store is of pretty dresses, tops, accessories including sunglasses. I came home with the most beautiful summer top, can’t wait to visit again and get some more goodies for Summer! 


By the way, we always break for pretty flooring, case in point Leopard Carpet at Apricot Lane!


Lauren and I had so much fun shopping at Charming Charlie and looking through the large selection of jewelry and more. We both found a sunglasses and pushed ourselves out of our Sunglass Style Rut. Me, I almost always opt for Aviator Style sunglasses, and Lauren loves cat eye style glasses. With her help, I found two new styles for me, including a darling pair of heart shade pair of sunglasses! Love them! 

All the shopping was making us hungry for some sweets; we made a stop to check out the goodies in the newly opened shop Pretty Sweet. The bakery is full of yummy desserts including to die for macaroons. Of course, some came home with us for some late night blogging/snacking. 


The Luxe is a new movie theatre at the Palladio that also includes a full bar area and restaurant. We loved the vibe inside and initially went stopped in to have a few drinks and quickly decided, dinner would be a must!  You can enjoy drinks and food without seeing a movie which is excellent! We ordered two flatbread pizzas, Margarita and Chicken Artichoke and opted to share and also ordered spicy Buffalo Spring Rolls. I’m usually not a huge fan of spicy, but these egg rolls hit the spot. In addition to the large lounge area inside the LUXE, they also have a huge outdoor seating area to enjoy. The atmosphere inside the LUXE was so chill and it's a great place to visit and enjoy good eats and drinks, check out the menu.


When planning your next Girls Day out make sure to spend time at the Palladio and enjoy some good eats and shopping. Also, check out the Summer Concert Series, live music every Wednesday evening, check out more event details here.