Put Your Records On | Vintage Inspired Record Players

A few Christmases ago, I bought my husband a record player a Miles Davis record, we had just recently seen the movie Miles to Go, and we both loved it. I wanted to give him a thoughtful gift that would be fun to continue to add to and build a little record collection. We both love music and seeking out new artists and falling in love with old music. Since buying the record player, we often stop in record stores or seek out the vinyl section in most thrift stores hoping to come across a gem. 

For a while we had the record player in our living room and then finally moved it into our bedroom, it looks perfect on the console table next to our french doors. Yesterday was a happy mail day, my new record player arrived! Yes, our small home now has two record players! I’ve been stalking a leopard record player for months, I just loved how it looked but had no one to put it until we shifted things around. Funny how that happens! 


This record player is the first leopard decor I have in my house, and I love leopard prints! I’ll rock leopard flats, heels and belts all day long, but in decor, it wasn’t ‘my thing.’ But this sprinkling pattern in my living room is rocking my world. The leopard record player (I dare you to try and say it three times fast) feels right at home in on our bookcases. 

Months later I’m still so happy we built these bookcases, read more about this DIY Project here. I plan to have Hasani drill a hole in the top of the cabinet, that way we can discreetly plug the outlet into the cabinet below. Yay, to hidden cords! One thing I love about modern record players is the Bluetooth compatibility, I can play music from my iPhone making or use the AUX Cord. Best of both worlds! 

Shopping online for records, I’ve had good luck with eBay, Amazon and seen newer music on Urban Outfitters.

 I love the vibe record players add to space, plus they’re so affordable, and most vinyl purists will state, music sounds better on vinyl. I totally agree playing Miles Davis or listening to Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall record on vinyl is incredible. 

" My Record Collection probably tells the story of my life better than I could in words " - Colleen Murphy 


I just love all the vibes adding a record player to your space brings in. 

image via  A Beautiful Mess
image via Good On Paper Design 

image via Good On Paper Design 

When I was a teenager, I had a little growing record collection, and no record player, they were so hard to find and typically too big and way too dated 80’s and 90’s for my taste. I'm glad record players are so easy to find these days and look so good! I’ve rounded up a stylish group of record players all at a great price point to add retro vibes into your space. 

Retro Inspired Record Players.png

I'm so excited to slowly grow our record collection and in the process turn our kids onto to vinyl records. Are you a fan of vinyl records?