Fenced-in Veggie Garden

We built a Raised Garden bed, in hopes of growing our own veggies to enjoy during the Spring and Summer months. The first year we had it, it was fantastic and it was so much fun to walk into our backyard and pick tomatoes and snip herbs. We planted bell peppers, peppers, herbs and too many tomato bushes! The tomato bushes were no joke. For the past two years our garden has sat empty whomp whomp. Last year we opted to grow a few herbs indoors. This year the plan is to start growing our own veggies again. But we've hit a snag. 

Last year we got a puppy, the sweetest chocolate lab ever. He's a total sweetheart, but he's still in full on puppy mode and has no problem digging up bushes and plants (he's ruined his fair share, trust me). In order to even be able to plant veggies in our raised garden bed we had to decided what to do to keep anything we plant safe.  

The plan? We've been talking about fencing in our current garden, leaving space for a small walkway and adding a small door that allows us to access the garden. 

I wasn't sold on the whole, build a fence around our little veggie garden. While I love the look of fenced in gardens, I thought our existing garden would be to small to 'good' fenced in. Thankfully, I found some incredible inspiration!!

image via  Rugged Life

image via Rugged Life

The garden below is much grander and larger fenced-in garden, but it seriously gives me...maybe one day I'll have a garden this big vibes! 

image via  This Old House

image via This Old House

This is project I would like to tackle once I wrap our small patio design planWanting to build your own backyard raised garden bed? Are you wanting to build a rasied garden bed in your backyard, its easier than you think. Hope over to this blog post and see how we built our garden bed in our backyard.