Go to Source for Velvet Pillows

I love love velvet pillows, they are so rich looking, add texture and look good on your sofa, chair, bench, bed and pretty much everywhere in your home. Currently, I have velvet pillows on my twin living room sofas, banquette and bench in the Cottage Studio. While I love them, depending on where you buy them they can be expensive. When it comes to spending money on solid color pillows, I'm all about saving my funds. I totally don't mind splurging occasionally for pretty pattern fabric fabric to make into pillows or buying pattern pillows. The mustard yellow velvet pillows look so pretty at home on the white sofa, and layer in the perfect amount of sophistication. 

image via  Hometalk

image via Hometalk

image via  Stylecaster

image via Stylecaster

My two favorites spots for buying velvet pillows are H&M Home & Ikea. H&M Home has velvet pillows for an insanely affordable price point, only 9.99 per pillow cover! Say what! so affordable, plus they have a slew colors (depending on the season) and two options welted pillows & non-welted. Ikea offers velvet pillows in a couple of colors ranging in price from $7-$10 bucks. The mix of pretty jewel tone velvet pillows in the photo below are all from H&M Home!  Also, H&M Home is totally killing it with their pillow selection! 

image via  Apartment Therapy

Happy velvet pillow shopping friends. Also, if your current pillows are looking a little thanks to your inserts, hop over to my post to read more about My Favorite Pillow Inserts (your pillows and sofa will thank me later).