Small Home Style: 6 Stylish Ideas for Small Living Rooms

Hello friends, how's your August shaping up? Welcome to another design post all about Small Home Style. I started the design series about Small Home Style, to help inspire & solve those design dilemmas that can crop up when dwelling in a small home. As a small home dweller myself, I've learned some stylish design tricks along the way to help maximize the small rooms in my 1956 rancher. As with most small homes, your living room becomes your everything room: watching TV, hosting friends, family movie nights, home office. Even though your living room maybe on the small side and play double duty, doesn't mean the space can't be a fabulous room to entertain guests in.  I've rounded up 6 Stylish Ideas ideas to take your living room from so-so to wow! 

ONE: Choose Your Seating Wisely & Consider Placement

When designing my small living room, I opted for two sofas rather one. It seemed when we only had one sofa in our living room & two  chairs everyone always gravitated to our sofa and nixed the chairs. Keep in mind when selecting a sofa not to go too big where the sofa takes over the entire room, but also don't go too small. A bunch of tiny furniture in a room can easily make your living room feel smaller. Break out the measuring tape to help visualize the placement of your sofa and chairs and the size. The sofa with a chaise looks so good in this apartment, I love that the chaise adds additional seating = its the perfect spot to stretch out on. 

image via  Domino

image via Domino

image via  Bloglovin

image via Bloglovin

TWO: Go Big on Artwork

Large scale artwork looks fantastic in smaller spaces and creates a huge impact on the wall. Large artwork helps draw the eyes up and out, giving the illusions of larger space. 

image via  Marks & Frantz

image via Marks & Frantz

THREE: Choose the Right Coffee Table

When looking for a coffee table for your living room, consider how much room you have and how it will flow in your room. Need help, select the perfect coffee table style for your living room, click here for the 5 Best Coffee Styles for Small Living Room.

FOUR: Create a Office Area

When you don't have extra room in your home for a dedicated office space, consider adding a small home office right in your living room. Placing a small desk next to your sofa, is perfect to double as a side table for your living room. Or a small desk tucked into a corner also works perfectly. 

image via  Apartment Therapy

FIVE: Bring in Bookcases

Adding bookcases to small living rooms are a must! Bookcases create much needed vertical storage. To create hidden storage, layer in woven baskets that also bring in texture. 

image via  Apartment Therapy  

image via Apartment Therapy 

SIX: Double Duty Furniture

By far the best double duty pieces of furniture for small spaces are dressers turned TV stands and benches used as coffee tables. Dressers are a stylish upgrade from basic TV stands and provide a huge amount of storage. 

image via  Apartment Therapy  

image via Apartment Therapy 

Ottomans are the perfect double duty pieces for small living room, once you add a tray they become coffee tables and can also be used as additional seating when needed. 

image via  Decorology  

image via Decorology 

I hope you found my six ideas for designing a small stylish living room. If you have any specific small home design delimas, please feel free to contact at In need of my design solutions for your small spaces? Look no further, hop over for posts sharing Small Home Style

What are your favorite small space design ideas, you've incorporated into your own small living room?