After looking at many homes in Sacramento, California, we quickly fell in love with a little Rancher on a quiet street and purchased the little Rancher. We moved in our home in January 2009. We quickly started the process of transforming our little rancher into a house we loved. In July 2012, our home experienced a devastating fire loss after our neighbors house caught on fire and the fire spread to our home. We made the best of loss and started the process of rebuilding our home. Along the way, we decided to make thoughtful changes to our homes original floor plan and added a indoor mudroom / laundry room and transformed our modest size bedroom in a real master bedroom 'retreat' with a walk in closet / bathroom and french doors onto a petite patio. I shared the rebuilding process on my blog in 2013. After being misplaced from our home just a few days shy for a full year, we moved back home.

Living Room

Living Room looking into the Dining Room, Kitchen and Laundry Room 


Our Indoor Laundry Room addition with access to our backyard

Hallway Bathroom

Tabari's Room

Avery's Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Below is our house tour of our when we bought it and began the process of transforming our house into our home. 

Front of Our Home - The Beginning

Below is a picture of our House on move in day. Our tiny house was one peach disaster. The entire house including the trim and garage door were all painted peach.

Midway into Our Re-Do

The step in transforming our house began with painting our house grey, and painted all the trim including the garage door a bright white in July 2009. We also removed two dated flower beds in of the front of the house, and killed all the grass.

Our Home 2012 

Next up we focused out attention on adding Curb Appeal: added black shutters to frame the windows, replaced the outdated leaning brick flower bed with stone, planted new flowers in both flower beds, and rolled out sod { approx 1000sq ft } in our front yard. We recently painted our front door Posh Red.


Our walkway up to our front door, the flowers and stone enhance the walkway.

Front Porch

We have plans this spring to add some more curb appeal to our front porch

Entry Way Before/After

Our entry before was dark and uninviting. The front door sucked all the light out of the room.

We decided to paint in the inside our front door a glossy white which instantly brighten the entryway and living room. Next, I made three custom DIY ledges to display our wedding photos on them. I also found a rug that compliments our living and pops against our hardwood floors.

Our Living Room Before, Progress & Now
Our living room a few days after moving in and paiting.

The two chairs we got from Overstock for a steal, a few days after we moved in.


Here's our living room now. We repainted the off white walls, to a richer color grey/beige color that looks better against our artwork and prettier in all light. We added more artwork on both sides of the window. I replaced the ugly lumbar pillows (that came with the chairs) with bright pillow covers I made.

We are constantly completing projects around our home and changing this up. In Spring 2011 we re-finished our hardwood floors a rich brown { Early American } and then started making changes in our living room.

Living Room Now

Dining Room Before/After

Our dining room has come a long way since move in day. Before our dining room was an awful shade of off white that made the entire room look smaller. The tile floors were dingy and cracked, the honey oak molding on the baseboards to nothing for the room.

Here's what we did, we painted the entire room a soothing color, then ripped up all the tile and replaced it with dark faux wood flooring. Next we painted the baseboards and added extra molding to make them taller. We replaced the outdated light fixture with a drum shade and sanded and stained our excising table and dark walnut

Master Bedroom Before / In Progress

(coming soon)

Tabari's Room Before / In Progress

(coming soon)

Nursery Before / After

By far my favorite room in our home is our little boys nursery. Before it was a nursery, it was a the junk room. We cleaned out the room and began transforming it into a room we love spending time in. 

We refinshed our orginal 1956 hardwood floors in a deep brown color ( Early Amnerican ) and painted the walls a serence soft grey. I also beefed up the baseboards the same we we did in the dining room. We did many DIY projects, from creating orgianal Artwork to re-uphosltering an ottoman. You can read more about our sons nursery here.

Patio In Progress

We've only just begun really working on our patio and backyard, expect many updates and projects as the fall weather arrives.