DIY Holiday Gift: Amaryllis Bulb Bowls

I wanted to share a quick and pretty Holiday gift idea for to make the Holidays. Tis the season for growing bulbs indoors and they also make a pretty gift idea. During the cold winter months its the perfect time to grow Amaryllis and Paperwhites indoors. In three simple steps you can create several pretty Holiday Gifts, here's what you need: Amaryllis Bulbs (you can order 3 here for under $8 each) or Paperwhite Bulbs (you can order 15 bulbs here for around $1.50 per bulb) Pretty Patterned Bowls either soil or rocks. Paperwhite bulbs look best grouped in odd numbers, so keep that in mind when planting. 

 I visited my local DIY big box store and bought the last two Amaryllis bulbs (I visited two different big box retailers before finding bulbs, I recommend buying them online, I'm buying my next set online!) and bought two bowls I found while popping into Marshall's. Both of my Amaryllis bulbs were sprouting green leafs. I added a little garden soil placed the bulb inside, then added the rocks and watered. 

Even though some stores sell Amaryllis kits, I love the idea of being able to personalize the gifts by picking every bowl out to place the bulbs. I just love how pretty the bulbs look in the pretty patterned bowls, I'm so looking forward to making a few more and giving them as gifts. As for wrapping the present, you can opt not to wrap and just tie a pretty bow about the bowl or, place the bowl + bulbs in a box and wrap, as long as your gifting them in 1-2 of wrapping. Depending on the bulbs and bowls you choose, you can easily make each present for under $15! 

Do you grow bulbs indoors during the winter months?