DIY BBQ Grill Cart

A few weeks ago, I shared my latest

DIY Workshop Project

with The Home Depot is building a BBQ Grill Cart just in time for Fathers Day. Join me this Saturday June 20, 2015 at The Home Depot Denver Store # 1532, in Denver, Colorado from 10:00 am - 11:30am. I'm sharing how to build your own Grill Cart. Today, I'm sharing my customized BBQ Grill cart, that my husband and I built for our patio. I'm so in love with how our BBQ Grill Cart turned out.  

Using the initial design plan, I re-worked the BBQ Cart to  for our needs. We built the BBQ Cart using a Kreg Jig to build the frame, the Kreg Jig creates pocket holes which allow for all screws to be hidden and creates extra strong joints. For our cart, we attached two wheels in the front and cut the back legs at a 15 degree angle to enhance the design or the cart. The bottom half of the grill cart was built using framing studs, 1x2, 1x3 and 1x4 boards. 

To attach the bottom slats on the cart, I used our Ryobi nail gun, and placed an extra piece of scrap wood between each slat to use as a space. Using the scrap wood as a spacer, cuts down on the measuring time. 

After the the top and bottom slats on the cart were attached, I filled the nail holes with wood filler then sanded the entire frame using a Ryobi orbital sander to create a nice smooth surface. 


 lower potion of the BBQ Cart is painted Intellectual 

Grey, by Behr Paint, using exterior satin paint. 

We wanted to using a dark grey,that would compliment the exterior colors of our house. I think we found the perfect color, its such a pretty deep rich grey. On the side of the grill cart, we attached an extra long drawer pull to hold towels, and tools. 

For the top of the BBQ Grill Cart, we decided to use Cherry Wood, which is such a pretty piece of wood and looks even better when stained. Top top was stained with one coat of Jacobean using a lint free cloth. A wood spice rack is the perfect addition on top of the cart to help hold BBQ Sauces, Spices and fresh herbs. 

I layered a wood cutting board on top of the BBQ Cart, for cutting and assembling food, having a removable working surface allows for easier clean-ups.

The bottom shelf of the BBQ cart is perfect for holding misc cooking gear along with candles, utensils and drinks. I'm a huge fan of using trays indoors and out to help corral items. On our cart, the clear tray is used to hold drinks, skewers, lemon squeezer and thermometer. 

Our BBQ Grill cart, we built is bar far one of my favorite DIY building projects to date, I love how our cart turned out and how versatile it is doubling as extra cooking space and a full bar cart when needed. We bought a small grill cart cover to use to cover it with when not in use, which already came in handy we received lots of Summer rain last week.  

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