My Favorite Pillow Inserts

Over the weekend, I was sewing some pillows for a project [click here to getting a look] I'm working on and wanted to take some time to share my thoughts on pillow inserts. There are a two types of popular pillow insert for pillow covers, down feather filled and 'down alternative' poly-fill inserts. 

My absolute favorite pillow insert to use for pillow covers are feather down pillow inserts. I love how much fuller and nicer pillows look using them. Not only do pillows look better using feather down inserts, they also have the 'bounce back' factor. When using poly filled inserts, pillows often look flatter and poly fill can have a tendency to clump creating lumps, no thank you. Here's a visual on feather down vs poly-fill inserts, the difference to my is extreme. In the past I've had a few pillows that where poly-fill and they were the worst, always lumpy and clumpy, never again! 

Here's another view of the of both pillows with different inserts. Again the poly filled pillow on the left pillow is much flatter verses the feather down pillow insert. 

When I'm shopping for pillow inserts, I typically buy my inserts from Ikea for the 20x20 squares  (super affordable) their pillows are filled mostly with feathers so there may be more feathers popping though. I also love pillow inserts from Crate & Barrel, they have a huge assortment of sizes at great prices too, their pillows are the perfect balance between feathers and down. is also another good source for feather down insert pillows, and bonus they're on sale right now. I've also purchased inserts from Home Fabrics, they have a huge assortment of sizes and at good prices. The only downside of feather down inserts, feathers! I usually find a few feathers coming though my pillows during the week, which doesn't bother me. The feather down insert used in my pillow is from Soft Plus and came with the pillow. 

When shopping for pillows in person or online look for pillows that you can use inserts. If the pillow you buy has a poly fill insert, check and see if you can replace that one with a feather down insert or try and buy only pillows that already have feather down inserts, trust me! 

What are your thoughts on pillow inserts? Which ones are your favorite to use in your home?