Pin of the Week

After being of hiatus for months, I'm finally bringing back my Pinterest Pin of the Week to share my favorite pin along with ideas every Friday. I've been longing to tuck a small work space in my home and this pin gives me the boost, I need! My pin of the week is 'Small Work Spaces.' Home be work spaces, don't need to be huge or full home office to functional. A small work space at home just needs to make creative use of the space, incorporate new ways to keep clutter at bay and due double duty if needed. Often times, a sophisticated desk, can double as a console table when not in use.
 pin of the week images via here & here

Question, in your home where have you stashed a work space? Have you taken over a room? Transformed an closet into an office? Placed a desk in you living room or bedroom that doubles as your console / desk? 

I'd love to hear what you've done in your home