My Must See TV

It's already Mid-September, which means its already time to gear up for Fall TV. I'm excited for my favorite TV shows to return and hoping to fall in love with some new ones. As most of you know, we're cable free and watch our TV with our Roku, so I'm always watching shows a few days later. Or binge watching a couple of shows at a time [one of my favorite late night past times] Read more about our decision to cut the cable cord here, here and here!

Here's a quick round-up of the shows, I can't wait to catch up on and see what my favorite characters are up to, from plotting revenge, winning cases, finding love, dealing with scandals, killing zombies and writing songs. 
Revenge: I'm currently catching up on episodes I missed on season three, love Emily Throne and all her plots at revenge against the Graysons. Sleepy Hollow: Yet, another show I love watching, but totally hope to catch up on missed episodes. The Good Wife: I'm a huge fan of this show! The acting is suburb, if you haven't watched it yet, check out past seasons on HULU or Amazon Prime. The Mindy Project: I never though I'd be a fan of the show until, Hasani mmentionedwe should watch it, well I stayed up many nights way too late laughing and falling in love with this show! Mindy Kaling is crazy funny, and i even starting following her on IG! Scandal: Three words Olivia Pope + Gladiators, if your not watching this show, you need to be, trust me! The Walking Dead: I'm obsessed with zombies, we watch this show though Amazon Prime since its not on HULU. Nashville: I watched an episode or two on the whim last year and was quickly hooked on the drama in Nashville starting its country singers and songwriters. Goldbergs: This hands down is one o my favorite shows to watch with my oldest Tabari, the comedy is set in the 80's so think The Wonder Years 80's edition. Oh, I should mention this is totally my short list, since I can't add the return of Downton Abbey until January 2015. 
Every fall there are so many new shows and just as your getting hooked the network seems to always decided to cancel the show, so it makes it so hard to get into new shows. Here are a few show, I'm looking forward to checking out: State of Affairs, Madam Secretary, Utopia, How to Get Away with Murder and Black-ish 

I'd love to hear what's on your must see TV list for returning shows? And what new shows are you looking forward to checking out? Any shows I'm not watching that I need to check out?