Life Via Instagram May

My favorite phone app hands down is Instagram, its where I get to share daily snippets of my life. For me days feel long while months go by in a flash. A quick Instagram recap of the month of May, helps me remember all those special moments, from celebrating Mothers day, backyard water fun, to a day in Somona and our sons 8th grade promotion (a day that makes me so proud and my heart filled of joy!!)

Row One: Farmers Market flowers // Homemade Chicken Enchiladas // A Mothers Day surprise from Hasani
Row Two: Avery riding the escalator like a big boy // Spending a day in Sonoma // Sharing of garden progress
Row Three: Avery discovering his love for the donut sprinkler // A good mail day from The Penny Paper Co. // Enjoying our new Patio furniture

Row One: Enjoying our blooming hydrangeas // A quick visit to Ikea // A cool ice water on a warm Sunday morning
Row Two: A pinterest inspired dinner // Celebrating our Sons 8th grade promotion into High School, so proud of him!
Row Three: Adding a new border to our front yard 

Hoping your May, was full of fun filled memories, feel free to follow my in IG at @mrsclh Hope to see you on there!